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Coal special additives customized

  After the user determines the raw coal, our technical staff communicates with the user engineer, collects real-time coal samples, conducts systematic coal quality analysis, additive performance evaluation and other tests。The user technical staff can participate in the entire evaluation process in our R & D center, and can have a deeper understanding of all aspects of slurry evaluation and master the evaluation method of coal slurry。According to the degree of coalification and industrial analysis of different coal samples, the matching additives are customized。After obtaining the coal sample test results and forming a systematic conclusion, it is determined to issue a formal evaluation report and put forward production and use suggestions for users' reference。

Formulation of coal blending technology scheme

  As we all know, there is no suitable additive for all types of coal, and the coal sample used by the user will change with the coal layer and the coal sample blended。In this regard, Chuanneng Chemical has established a complete coal sample adaptability evaluation system to cooperate with users to replace process parameters in time:

  First of all, according to the characteristics of new coal (such as ash melting point, high ash content),Put forward coal blending plan with reference to our existing coal sample database;On the basis of coal blending scheme,Design parameters of coal gradation,Minimize energy consumption of grinding equipment and optimize pulp performance;meanwhile,The hydrophilic functional groups in new coal samples were analyzed by infrared spectroscopy,Adjust the ratio of effective functional groups in Osiff additives appropriately,Customized special additives;

  After the above three parameters are obtained, the operation of the device is investigated on the simulated pulping process line in our R & D center, and a complete pulping optimization scheme is finally formed。

  From coal sample collection to pulping optimization proposal, due to the need to obtain rigorous systematic data, and to cooperate closely with user technicians and our expert team, the whole process takes one to two months。

Technology of waste water resource utilization

  Our company and Ningxia University jointly undertake a coal chemical enterprise methanol plant "Coal water slurry allocation technology and gasification process debugging optimization evaluation research project",An experimental study was carried out on the allocation of coal slurry with high concentration organic wastewater and high salt wastewater instead of tap water in the park,It aims to provide support programs for gasification plant operation, base resource utilization, energy saving and emission reduction。Through the research results of the project, it can provide effective technical reference for the rational utilization of wastewater by users。

Production line trial

  Our R & D center technical service group assigned a technical person to track the whole service, and another researcher and two analysts to provide corresponding technical support at any time on the site。These four technical leaders participated in the whole production line trial, and guided the field personnel to master the use of additives and the evaluation method of coal slurry performance after pulping。

The experiment contents are as follows:

① Coal water slurry was prepared with Osiff additives;

(2) The operation of the pulping section equipment and the results of the production of coal water slurry were analyzed to evaluate the comprehensive performance of coal water slurry。