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IAS 2010 new product and new technology conference Expo site is about to debut

  As a sister part of the "China Industry Fair" industrial automation exhibition,The launch of new products and Technologies 2010 is one of the more valuable value-added services offered by the Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAS 2010) to its key exhibitors,It aims to provide the first platform for the latest automation technologies and products,Guide the automation brand or manufacturer to bring the latest and highest automation technology to the IAS site,And publish the first time,Attract the attention of many professionals, media, users and potential buyers,For enterprises to win greater visibility and more potential business opportunities。
  Review the 10 corporate new product launches in 2009,ABB, FANUC, SIEMENS, Beckhoff, Fujifilm, Balder Electric, Schmetz, Advantech, PCM Group with the company's latest and highest products and technologies to the conference site,A total of more than 20 new products debuted in the Chinese market,Siemens also launched the world's first WinCC V7 Asian version of the product。Through on-site explanation and demonstration, the professional audience can understand the new achievements in the field of automation for the first time。
  2010 new product and new technology conference will highlight the product characteristics of automation technology into the new era of "low carbon economy", and introduce innovative products and technologies in line with the trend of manufacturing industry。Starting from the afternoon of November 9, we will arrange four one-hour conferences every day, a total of 16 conferences of new products and technologies。At the same time, we will invite dozens of media to the scene and join hands with industry media to organize professional audiences and buyers to attend the conference。
  The deadline for enterprises to participate in the new product and new technology conference is: September 15, 2010, we will choose according to the enterprise situation and product release;The registration deadline for professional listeners is October 15, 2010。